Does Zinc Make Your Penis Bigger?

Does Zinc Make Your Penis Bigger?

Does Zinc Make Your Penis Bigger? That is a common penis question in Men’s health forums which demonstrates that there is a shortage of common knowledge about this supplement. I have consumed this myself, so I can speak directly although anecdotally about where Zinc will make your penis larger. But lets look at the scientific research and published medical studies to see what they have to say about this topic.

According to a study published in one of the leading Medical Journals, zinc has some very significant impacts upon male health. One of those impacts is that it improves prostate function. Another is that taking zinc is associated with increased sperm production. Both of these are improvements to men’s health, however neither of them is associated directly with making the penis larger.

My own personal anecdotal evidence suggests also that taking zinc had no noticeable impact on penis size, however there was other notable benefits. I found that taking zinc and staying well hydrated results in an increased volume of penis ejaculate. That is to say that if you take zinc as a supplement and stay well hydrated with water, you may notice that the amount of cum you produce is increased. For me, I would estimate that the volume of my ejaculate loads increase by between 50 and 100% while consuming over the counter zinc supplements and drinking about 6 liters of water daily. This is a significant amount, and if you are concerned about the visual effect of having a huge cum load, you may wish to supplement with zinc and see if it does the same for you.

As always, consult a doctor if you have any male health concerns and before taking any nonprescription medications or supplements, such as zinc. While it may be safe for some, it may not be safe for all.

In summary, taking zinc will not make your penis grow bigger. It may benefit your penis in other ways though, so do research it and discuss it with your penis doctor.

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