Does Jelqing Work?

Does Jelqing Work?

Does Jelqing Work? That is a question that many men are wondering about the answer to. Because this page focuses upon answering all penis questions with honest and accurate penis answers, we decided we needed to know the truth about jelqing. First lets just describe what it is we are talking about first before we get to the answer. Maybe you have never heard of jelqing? Maybe you wonder how to pronounce jelqing just like those who ask how to pronounce penis.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is the process of stroking the penis in an outward motion with constant outward grip and pressure. The theory behind it is that pulling the penis away from the torso can stretch the internal and external tissues of the body and can lead to natural growth in this direction as the tissue is repeatedly worked to its limits. Historically this technique has been tried by men in many cultures across centuries. But does jelqing work? Does jelqing make the penis bigger? Is jelqing a waste of time?

While you can easily find many tutorials that detail as many as 30 different jelqing exercises, the fundamental move is simply this: After the generous application of coconut oil, you make a circle with your thumb and forefinger—the “O.K. sign”—and hold it tight at the base of your penis. Then you make another tight O.K. sign with your other hand and—over the course of five to seven seconds—slowly squeeze your penis from the base to the tip.

~ Men’s Health Magazine

Does Jelqing Work?

The short answer is yes. Anecdotal evidence from men who engage in prolonged regular daily jelqing sessions seems to universally confirm that the process can add a small amount of length to the penis. Jelqing makes the penis longer. Now for many of the men who swear that they have made their penis bigger by jelqing, most agree that some of the length disappears if the process is discontinued. However many of those advocated of jelqing claim that they still retain growth commonly in the range of up to 1 inch of penis length even after stopping. Based upon the average penis size, that means that jelqing can add nearly 20% the penis size. That is significant penis growth if you can commit to jelqing on a daily basis.

does jelqing work

Most of those reporting positive results from jelqing supplement this exercise with the use of penis stretching devices and mens health supplements, some believe zinc makes the penis bigger. There are many devices and fake pills that claim to make your penis grow, they are almost all scams. Do not fall for them. Consult a penis doctor if you have any questions about your penis health. Do not mess around without consulting a doctor first.

Jelqing can damage the tissue in the penis. This is not to be taken lightly or to be done without proper medical advice and oversight. Check out this medical journal and see how dangerous it can be to not take care of your penis. Even if you want to grow your penis bigger, you have to use common sense.

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